Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Time Flies!!!!!

So Bodhi can roll over!!!! he was able to learn it in about a week he is too smart!!!( I will post a video of it this week)

the picture below is at my parents and we decided to give him a his first bath, he did well, just wimpering a little bit but all in all he did just fine!!!

Oh and two weeks ago (when he was 12 weeks old) we went to Super Dog Central in Bowmanville, where in a last minute decision entered Bodhi into a puppy disc rolling competition!!! he came in second place, and was beat by an 8 month old lab,

the competition was how many times he could catch the disc on its edge in 60 seconds, and there were two rounds. First round he caught one, second round he caught two.

Also this weekend there is another get together at Super Dog Central, but this time it is only for Tollers, so we are planning on attending, and I am going to enter him into a 100 yard recall, puppy that does it the fastest wins!!!! my hopes are high, we practiced on the beach the other day, and he came with some distractions around, no problem!!!!, will post pictures and maybe a video if i can get someone to record it!!!

future plans are to teach him left and right turns/spins, and to stay

until next time

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Anonymous said...

I found your site while researching Tollers. And I too got my toller from Judy. I also live in the durham region area...and I"m looking to have 'play dates' with other tollers. Do you know of other people in the area with one and if so do you guys ever get the dogs together to play?
Ps your puuppy is adorable!