Saturday, August 23, 2008

A visit up to Granny's

A little snuggle up to the cat!!!

I think he is watching the "ducks" in the pond nearby!!

Granny (Jen's mom), and Bodhi posing for a pic!!!

These stairs are a little too steep for him, (he still is a little tentative of stairs)

Well he is 9 weeks old now and growing too fast, you can see some nice features coming out in his face. He knows how to sit, lay down, and he comes MOST of the time when called, he is also really good at target training, he knows the difference between "touch hand" , and "touch foot". For those of you not familiar with target training, look up "CT #2" on youtube!

Tomorrow we are going for a visit to Una and Brians, where he might go for a swim (they have steps coming out of the pool), and some of Jen's Cousins will be there to play with him!!

I will post some pictures of that when we get home

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sleepless Nights and poop on the Floor

Bodhi Arrived two days ago, Friday Night. That night we kept him up exploring and playing in and around the apartment, he was up until about 12:30 Am, and therefore slept until I woke up for work at 5 Am, and we thought that this was going to be easy, play with him until late and he will sleep all night!!, oh and no mistakes in his crate which was a pleasant surprise!!!

On Saturday my cousin Jen, came down to let him out while we were working, which was great because I am sure he needed to go, when we came home he was feed his first RAW meal (with us anyways), and I took a video of it to show the skeptics in my family (Jamie!!!!!), he ended up eating two chicken drumsticks, and a few slices of the breast MMM MMM

besides that things are going really well, and few mistakes in the house, I saw him running off and when I got to him he had already pee'd on the floor, and the other time I didn't leave him outside long enough to do his business and did it as soon as I put him down inside!! but he is learning really fast, and will post some videos of clicker training, which we started today

until the next post!!!

Paul & Jen and Bodhi