Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The time has come!!!

So there was a little bit of confusion as to which puppy we were getting so again we made the 2 hour round trip to Catsleton, to re-affirm our choice!!!

and the winner is Mr. Murphy Junoir!!!! (they nick named him that because he looks like his dad Murphy when he was young)

here he is!!!!:

He is pretty sleep cause they were out in the sun and playing in a yard!!!

Sleeping again!!!! they do sleep a lot!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


My time spent in Haliburton was uneventful, the dogs all got a good feed, and lots of time spent outside, Loretto's puppies are still doing well and should be about ready to walk around and see the world for the first time!!!!!!!


We got an email from Judy Tait (our breeder) and Shillelagh had 8 big round puppies on June 14th, and they are all doing really well!!

There is a link in the tittle to visit the web page to see pictures of mom and the puppies

so I hope you enjoy!!!

I hope the next time I make a new post I will have some pictures of our pup in our home, I cannot wait!!!!!

until then, have a safe and happy July 1st!!!