Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Time Flies!!!!!

So Bodhi can roll over!!!! he was able to learn it in about a week he is too smart!!!( I will post a video of it this week)

the picture below is at my parents and we decided to give him a his first bath, he did well, just wimpering a little bit but all in all he did just fine!!!

Oh and two weeks ago (when he was 12 weeks old) we went to Super Dog Central in Bowmanville, where in a last minute decision entered Bodhi into a puppy disc rolling competition!!! he came in second place, and was beat by an 8 month old lab,

the competition was how many times he could catch the disc on its edge in 60 seconds, and there were two rounds. First round he caught one, second round he caught two.

Also this weekend there is another get together at Super Dog Central, but this time it is only for Tollers, so we are planning on attending, and I am going to enter him into a 100 yard recall, puppy that does it the fastest wins!!!! my hopes are high, we practiced on the beach the other day, and he came with some distractions around, no problem!!!!, will post pictures and maybe a video if i can get someone to record it!!!

future plans are to teach him left and right turns/spins, and to stay

until next time

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A visit up to Granny's

A little snuggle up to the cat!!!

I think he is watching the "ducks" in the pond nearby!!

Granny (Jen's mom), and Bodhi posing for a pic!!!

These stairs are a little too steep for him, (he still is a little tentative of stairs)

Well he is 9 weeks old now and growing too fast, you can see some nice features coming out in his face. He knows how to sit, lay down, and he comes MOST of the time when called, he is also really good at target training, he knows the difference between "touch hand" , and "touch foot". For those of you not familiar with target training, look up "CT #2" on youtube!

Tomorrow we are going for a visit to Una and Brians, where he might go for a swim (they have steps coming out of the pool), and some of Jen's Cousins will be there to play with him!!

I will post some pictures of that when we get home

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sleepless Nights and poop on the Floor

Bodhi Arrived two days ago, Friday Night. That night we kept him up exploring and playing in and around the apartment, he was up until about 12:30 Am, and therefore slept until I woke up for work at 5 Am, and we thought that this was going to be easy, play with him until late and he will sleep all night!!, oh and no mistakes in his crate which was a pleasant surprise!!!

On Saturday my cousin Jen, came down to let him out while we were working, which was great because I am sure he needed to go, when we came home he was feed his first RAW meal (with us anyways), and I took a video of it to show the skeptics in my family (Jamie!!!!!), he ended up eating two chicken drumsticks, and a few slices of the breast MMM MMM

besides that things are going really well, and few mistakes in the house, I saw him running off and when I got to him he had already pee'd on the floor, and the other time I didn't leave him outside long enough to do his business and did it as soon as I put him down inside!! but he is learning really fast, and will post some videos of clicker training, which we started today

until the next post!!!

Paul & Jen and Bodhi

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The time has come!!!

So there was a little bit of confusion as to which puppy we were getting so again we made the 2 hour round trip to Catsleton, to re-affirm our choice!!!

and the winner is Mr. Murphy Junoir!!!! (they nick named him that because he looks like his dad Murphy when he was young)

here he is!!!!:

He is pretty sleep cause they were out in the sun and playing in a yard!!!

Sleeping again!!!! they do sleep a lot!!!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


My time spent in Haliburton was uneventful, the dogs all got a good feed, and lots of time spent outside, Loretto's puppies are still doing well and should be about ready to walk around and see the world for the first time!!!!!!!


We got an email from Judy Tait (our breeder) and Shillelagh had 8 big round puppies on June 14th, and they are all doing really well!!

There is a link in the tittle to visit the web page to see pictures of mom and the puppies

so I hope you enjoy!!!

I hope the next time I make a new post I will have some pictures of our pup in our home, I cannot wait!!!!!

until then, have a safe and happy July 1st!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Whelping Husky Pups

The last week I have been in Haliburton, Ontario looking after the Huskies that I work with in the winter. Feeding, letting them outside to play, watering and lets not forget, scooping up the poop.

Before I came up, the owners, Tanya and Hank McCready - DeBruin told me I would have to whelp a litter of pupies for them as well. 6 of them.

Well last night was the night, Loretto, the mother did a great job at bringing them into the world, I didn't have to do anything at all, just sit back and watched the show, it truly is an amazing thing to see, that a dog with no other previous knowledge knows what to do when the time comes. Unfortunatly I forgot my camera at home but I took some pictures with my cell phone and will post them if I figure out how.

non-the-less it was a long night and I have only slept about 3 hours since yesterday morning, but I still have to feed the rest of the 140 or so dogs tonight. ( I might actually count them tonight to, cause I forget home meany there are now.)

I am off for a quick power nap then down to the kennel to feed water and scoop up poop

if you are interested Winterdance has an excelent web page at

Oh and I am still excited about MY pupy that is coming, soon, but not soon enough!!!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Waiting, waiting , waiting!!!!

So, Jen (my Girlfriend), and I just got back from our road trip out west, to Grand Canyon National Park, and to Yellowstone. We had a great time and I am sorting through all the pictures we took which at last count is up around 1800 (all digital though so it is not as bad as our trip to asia, which was mostly film, 41 rolls)

My attention has now turned to getting ready for our New Toller Puppy!, and I have been in contact with a great dog trainer named Polona, from Slovania (her blogs' link is in the side bar, check out her training videos). I just got an email from the breeder updating us on the mother, who is doing fine, and her due date has been confirmed for June 14th, which would make the bring home date around August 14th ish. I cannot wait.

but I am on the hunt for a dog crate (a wire one with a tray in the bottom) and a small deep freezer to keep the food in (5 - 7 cubic foot), We are going to be RAW feeding our pup, as I have read it is the most species appropriate diet out there. So if you have one you would like to donate that would be great give me an email and I can pick it up!!

as for now I am just going to add some pictures from our trip

This is one of the first pictures Jen took of the Grand Canyon, and it does it no justice, you just have to go for yourself!!!!

This is a picture of us, posing in front of the "dragons mouth", which is a cave full of water that steam and gases are coming from, the gas makes a roaring and hissing sound (like a dragon), will try posting some video of it later so you can hear the sounds!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Anticipation is a killer!!

We have secured a dog from Ardbrae Kennels in Castleton. And cannot wait until he/ she arrives.

We have looked all over Ontario for a breeder and Ardbrae was the closest and just so happened to be having puppies at a convenient time for us as well. I am going to post pictures of the Mother and the Father, who are both owned by Ardbrae Kennels.

We are looking for a Female, but will be happy with either, our first concern was that a male would be too big, but Murphy, at only 50 Lbs, is not that big, so it doesn't matter which sex we get now.

This is the Mother, Shillelagh

And the Father, Murphy

There will be more post once the little one arrives, and or course pictures pictures and more pictures.