Sunday, April 27, 2008

Anticipation is a killer!!

We have secured a dog from Ardbrae Kennels in Castleton. And cannot wait until he/ she arrives.

We have looked all over Ontario for a breeder and Ardbrae was the closest and just so happened to be having puppies at a convenient time for us as well. I am going to post pictures of the Mother and the Father, who are both owned by Ardbrae Kennels.

We are looking for a Female, but will be happy with either, our first concern was that a male would be too big, but Murphy, at only 50 Lbs, is not that big, so it doesn't matter which sex we get now.

This is the Mother, Shillelagh

And the Father, Murphy

There will be more post once the little one arrives, and or course pictures pictures and more pictures.