Thursday, May 22, 2008

Waiting, waiting , waiting!!!!

So, Jen (my Girlfriend), and I just got back from our road trip out west, to Grand Canyon National Park, and to Yellowstone. We had a great time and I am sorting through all the pictures we took which at last count is up around 1800 (all digital though so it is not as bad as our trip to asia, which was mostly film, 41 rolls)

My attention has now turned to getting ready for our New Toller Puppy!, and I have been in contact with a great dog trainer named Polona, from Slovania (her blogs' link is in the side bar, check out her training videos). I just got an email from the breeder updating us on the mother, who is doing fine, and her due date has been confirmed for June 14th, which would make the bring home date around August 14th ish. I cannot wait.

but I am on the hunt for a dog crate (a wire one with a tray in the bottom) and a small deep freezer to keep the food in (5 - 7 cubic foot), We are going to be RAW feeding our pup, as I have read it is the most species appropriate diet out there. So if you have one you would like to donate that would be great give me an email and I can pick it up!!

as for now I am just going to add some pictures from our trip

This is one of the first pictures Jen took of the Grand Canyon, and it does it no justice, you just have to go for yourself!!!!

This is a picture of us, posing in front of the "dragons mouth", which is a cave full of water that steam and gases are coming from, the gas makes a roaring and hissing sound (like a dragon), will try posting some video of it later so you can hear the sounds!

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